I am totally copying this post format from Estella’s Revenge and CapriciousReader and Kim at Sophisticated Dorkiness
Time// 9pm
Place// My recliner in the family room
Eating// nothing because I’m still full from the yummy grilled steak dinner we had
Drinking// the rest of the Cabernet Sauvignon we had with dinner. Natalie’s Estate Elephant Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon

Reading // Little Elvises by Timothy Hallinan. Both The Hubster and I enjoyed the first book in this Junior Bender series. This book is the second in the series and it’s just as much fun
Watching// Last week’s HawaiiFive-0 from last week. We’re in catch-up mode with our DVR recordings right now.
Listening// My current audiobook is Double Whammy by Carl Hiassen. It’s narrated by George Wilson and is just a wacky trek through Florida.
Pondering// My list of “Items Out” from the library vs. my realistic reading time in the next three weeks. It’s not matching up well at all. I have a feeling I’ll be returning and re-requesting at least one book
Blogging// Hoping to get enough reading time this week to get a couple of reviews posted
Promoting// Fitbit – it’s a pedometer only more. Get one. Join us. There are a bunch book bloggers linked up in friendly competition. It’s surprisingly motivating.
Avoiding// looking at my To Do list after an off the rails week
Anticipating// next weekend. The only thing on the calendar is breakfast with friends.
What are you reading? What are you listening to? What are you doing?