Weekend Update

December 2017 Could Do List

I’ve seen a few bloggers post a monthly ‘Could Do” list and I think it’s a fun idea. Here are a few things I”d like to do in December. I might do them all but I don’t feel obligated to complete the list.

1. Clear out and purge another room
In December we took everything out of the kitchen cabinets and put less than half back. I still need to do the pantry but I’d like to tackle another room too.

2. Reed the illustrated edition of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.
Since they started releasing the illustrated editions with art by Jim Kay I’ve been making them a January reading tradition.

3. Be more active in my LibraryThing group
I want to put this higher on my priority list than it’s been the past few months.

4. Go to a museum
There’s lots to do around here that we’ve never done.

What’s on your “Could Do” list this month?

Hope you’re having a great weekend.