The Things I Liked This Week November 2017

The Things I Liked This Week August 2017

I started doing The Things I Liked This Week in June of 2015 and it’s definitely become my favorite monthly post. I love adding to my list throughout the week.

Here are the things I liked this week:

1. The orphaned baby sea otter at the Oregon Zoo
He can’t be released to the wild so he’s been sent to the Oregon Zoo and will soon join their other two sea otters.

His name is now Lincoln and he’s adorable.


2. Esther the Wonder Pig
I just recently learned about Esther and she’s quickly become one of my favorite media stars.

Have a classy Christmas my friends.

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3. A smart chipmunk


4. This annual tweet
He posts this every year and it cracks me up every single time.


5. Hope and Nora playing
It’s been a tough road for Nora the Polar Bear but she’s now with another bear and they’re finally beginning to play together.

Hope and Nora water play for the first time!

Hope and Nora fans!! Feast your eyes on this!

Posted by Utah's Hogle Zoo on Thursday, December 21, 2017


6. This Christmas library puzzle
My friend loaned this to me and it’s the perfect puzzle for me to be doing Christmas weekend.
Christmas Library Puzzle


Hope you’re having a great weekend!