Weekend Update

December 2017 Could Do List

I’ve seen a few bloggers post a monthly ‘Could Do” list and I think it’s a fun idea. Here are a few things I”d like to do in December. I might do them all but I don’t feel obligated to complete the list.

1. Drive around looking at Christmas lights
I love to look at holiday decorations in other neighborhoods

2. Finish one baby afghan and start another.
I’m way behind in getting these done.

3. Empty, purge, and rearrange the kitchen cabinets
It’s the one room we haven’t purged since we moved in 18 years ago. I want it done.

4. Finish my Christmas shopping before next Sunday
I do stockings for The Hubster, his sister and my brother. It’s a combination of fun and practical stuff.

5. Have my own personal mini readathon
If number 4 happens I’ll have a free weekend on the calendar.

What’s on your “Could Do” list this month?

Hope you’re having a great weekend.