Weekend Update

After a stretch of rain we had absolutely gorgeous weather this week. The Hubster and I took advantage and went for a walk when I got home from work almost every day this week. After next weekend it’ll be dark when I get home from work so we took advantage of the weather and the light while we could.

Fall means apples and I needed o restock the freezer with applesauce. I made one batch last Sunday and witll make
another batch today with cinnamon.

I have a new laptop on the way and I am so happy to have only a short time left with the one I’ve had. It’s been a bit of a lemon ever since I got it. I didn’t realize that Costco extends manufacturer warranties an extra year on all computers so that was a nice surprise.

Friday’s sunrise as I was walking from the train to the office was beautiful.

Mt. Hood at sunrise

Mt. Hood at sunrise

Hope you’re having a great weekend.