Weekend Update


This was kind of a weird and busy week. Holiday weeks always leave me unsure about what day it is and this week was no exception. My boss was on vacation so that added a little bit of stress to me at work. Luckily there were no crises that I couldn’t handle in her absence. Then on Friday my work laptop decided to be silly and I ended up watching the Desktop support guys mess with it. By the time it was done I had a working laptop but I had lost all my settings and network drive mappings. Blergh. I had it all back to working order by the time I left on Friday.

This week was all about wildfire smoke in Portland. Last weekend a fire was started in the Columbia Gorge by some idiot kid with fireworks. It’s been sad to see such a beautiful natural area devastated by fire.

Smoky day in Portland

Smoky day in Portland

The fire is still not fully contained but the wind has shifted and the air quality is much better now.

Friday night we went to see Craig Johnson (author of the Longmire series) at Powell’s. He’s a great storyteller both in writing and in person. If you ever have the chance to catch one of his tour events you should do it.

Craig Johnson at Powell's

Craig Johnson at Powell’s


Today and tomorrow I’ll be keeping and eye on Hurricane Irma. I’ve got friends in Florida and this one is going to be ugly.

Hope you’re having a great weekend.