Descender Book Four: Orbital Mechanics by Jeff Lemire with art by Dustin NguyenDescender Book Four: Orbital Mechanics by Jeff Lemire with art by Dustin Nguyen

Genre: Science Fiction
Series: Descender #4
Format: Comics Collected Edition
Publisher: Image Comics
Publication Date: 2017
Pages: 120
Source: Library

The Book:
This volume 4 is a compilation of issues 17-21 of the comic series.
From the publisher:

Tim-21, Telsa, and Quon finally escape the Machine Moon and head out on a quest to find the ancient robot who may hold the key to the Harvesters. Meanwhile Andy and his ragtag team close in on Tim, but their fragile alliance is shattered by Driller’s revelations.

My Thoughts:
It’s no secret that I’m a fan of Jeff Lemire. This science fiction series he’s doing with Dustin Nguyen handling the artwork is wonderful.

This is volume 4 so the story is well in progress and the synopsis won’t make a lot of sense if you aren’t already reading the series.

My point here is to tell you to get your hands on this comics series and start reading it. You too will fall a little in love with a robot boy and have stronger than you expected feelings about a robot designed to drill mines.

The previous volume focused on the back stories of several of the main characters. This one jumps right back into the action and takes off.

The story is wonderful and the artwork is equally good. It’s done in watercolors which gives it a whole different feel than many comic series.

You need to read this series.

a9741-rating_5stars Rating 5/5