Weekend Update


This was a busy week. We were gone last weekend so all the weekend errands and chores had to be squeezed in during the week. We survived though and I have tomorrow off so a three day weekend is nice.

We’re going eclipse chasing tomorrow. Portland isn’t in the path of totality but it’s close enough to make it worth going. I just knew  I’d kick myself if it turned out to be perfect weather and we didn’t try to get there.  I took tomorrow off but told my boss that if the weather was awful I’d cancel the vacation day. It turns out that tomorrow might be just perfect weather so I’m excited. I’ve seen several partial eclipses but never experienced totality. My sister-in-law lives in the path and it’s about an hour from our house. We’ll get up early tomorrow and head to her house.  Hopefully we’ll miss the worst of the traffic on the main roads but we’re giving ourselves plenty of time anyway.


Today is our 23rd wedding anniversary. We’re celebrating with an adventure. There’s a zipline park not far from here and we’ve talked about doing it for a long time. Today is the day. The weather is nice and the course is supposed to take about two hours to do the whole thing. We’ve done a single zipline before but never a long course with multiple lines like this.  If the Hubster can manage to get a decent video you might see it here later.


Bout of Books starts tomorrow and I’m looking forward to squeezing in as much reading time as I can.


Hope you’re having a great weekend.