Weekend Update
Eleven years of Blogging

This week (Wednesday) is the 11th anniversary of my first post on this blog.

I can’t believe I’ve been doing this for eleven years.

Eleven Years!!

Eleven Years!!

As I said last year a lot has changed. The world has changed. Technology has changed. I’ve changed. Blogging has changed. One thing that has not changed is my love of books and reading.

When I started a blog all those years ago I was planning on it being an online reading journal that I might share with a few friends and family who asked about book recommendations. I was shocked to get a comment from a total stranger a couple of weeks after going live. I had no idea that book blogs were even a ‘thing’.

I followed the links on her blogroll (gosh, remember those) and discovered a whole new world of booklovers and readers. Over the years many have come and gone but I have a solid group of core reading friends I wouldn’t even know if I hadn’t started this blog.

Next month I’m going to meet one of those first commenters who is now a friend. It’s a meetup over ten years in the making.

This little online reading journal led me to a wonderful community of readers who have become my friends. So yeah, it’s totally worth it to still be doing this after all these years.

Thanks for visiting. Thanks for reading. I hope we’ll still be here for many years to come.