Ten Things I Liked This Week June 2017

Ten Things I Liked This Week June 2017

I started doing Ten Things I Liked This Week in June of 2015 and it’s definitely become my favorite monthly post. I love adding to my list throughout the week.

Here are ten things I liked this week:

1. Mini Mini-Golf
One of the hotels in Portland turns their parking lot into a miniature mini-golf course and beer garden in the summer. It’s a blast.
Mini Mini -Golf


2. Instant Pot Mac & Cheese
This recipe from Dad Cooks Dinner is delicious.
This is also his photo because it’s better than my photo.
Dad Cooks Dinner Mac & Cheese


3. Pod Save America
Currently my favorite podcast
Pod Save America


4. Jigsaw Puzzles
I enjoy doing them but get a little obsessed and do little else until they’re done. This one,  The Craft Cupboard from Ravensburger was tough but fun.
Jigsaw Puzzle


5. A Fiona Update
You knew there’d be something about Fiona didn’t you? She’s been spending more and more time with her mother and in the outdoor pool.


6. Starting Fresh
I deleted my TBR spreadsheet this week. Then I returned all the library books I had out with the exception of the one I have through interlibrary loan. Prior plans are no longer relevant.


7. A New Job for The Hubster
He was laid off in April. He’s getting severance pay so we’re not hurting but this week he accepted a new job starting August 1st. It’s a relief.Your'e Hired


8. My New Kitchen Light
We’re in the process of winding down the slowest kitchen refresh in history. We started with paint back in 2005 This week we replaced the old light over the kitchen table.


9. My Friend’s Siberian Kittens
They are adorable and mischievous.


10. Movie Day
We’re finally seeing Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 this afternoon.
Guardians of the Galaxy 2


Hope you’re having a great weekend!