Weekend Update

Six Things On Sunday

1. I have two three day weekends in a row coming up. Vacation next Monday. Memorial day the next.
2. We have a new kitchen table and chairs. We decided this year to do a joint birthday gift to each other and replace our old beat up dining set. We looked for ages and didn’t see anything that was truly what we wanted. I was wary of ordering something online that we hadn’t seen or sat on in person but what we ended up with is just perfect.dining set
3. I’m tired of rain. We had two days of summer a few weeks ago. Then we had three days of spring the week before last. Other than that. Rain. BlerghStatue in the rain
4. I ordered more tea. I might have a problem. I need to figure out a storage solution.
Republic of Tea
5. Bout of Books may have revived my reading mojo. I’ve had a great week of reading.

Bout of Books

6. Prosciutto Pasta for dinner tonight. Yes green olives on a pasta dish sounds odd but it’s one of our favorites. See my post about this dish.
Prosciutto pasta
Hope you’re having a great weekend!