Weekend Update
I am so over winter. This year has been ridiculous. Yesterday was the first day in what seemed like ages that it didn’t rain or snow. It was so nice to see some blue sky.

Last weekend was our annual beach weekend with some friends. We do this every year on Super Bowl Weekend. It’s a great tradition.

This year the weather was this:

We still had a great time. We played lots of cards and the view was nice despite the rain. We did get one break that allowed us a nice walk on the beach. The trip home was through snow but by the time we got home it was just rain. Then it didn’t stop raining until the end of the week.

The rest of this week seemed busy. After being away from home for four days I felt like I spent the next four days catching up on things. My reading time suffered but I read a couple of great comic collections.

I got back to rowing this week. After a few months off for medical reasons, it was painful and I’m slow but it’s good to be getting back to a regular exercise routine.

Yesterday we had lunch at a German pub that was delicious. On the way home, we made a spur of the moment stop at the zoo. We have an annual membership so stopping in for a quick visit is easy.

Hope you’re having a great weekend!