I believe I have found reading tracking spreadsheet Nirvana


I have used a variety of excel spreadsheets over the years to track my books and reading.


I have one master that is all the books I’ve read or listened to since October of 2003

I also have a badly outdated TBR spreadsheet where I used to keep track of book I want to read and series I’ve started. I need to purge that one of these days. There are a lot of books and series on there that I’m no longer interested in reading.

For the past five or six years, I’ve used a variety of spreadsheets shared by other bloggers to keep track of my yearly reading stats. Some have worked better than others.

The one I’ve used for the past few years tracked most of what I wanted to track but there were a lot of columns on it that didn’t matter to me.

Earlier this week I started browsing for other reading tracking spreadsheets that might be available. Book folks love to share what they read and how they keep track of things so I knew I’d find options. Why recreate when I can take advantage of someone else’s expertise with excel formulas?

I found several. Some of which I quickly dismissed because they didn’t include audiobook listening time. Others were only focused on a couple of statistics.


Then I found Reading Tracking Spreadsheet Nirvana

Crini at All About Books  is a spreadsheet geek after my own heart. She has all kinds of posts about the spreadsheets she uses to track reading, books accumulated, series, review books, etc.

Seriously if you check through the posts for her spreadsheet category you’ll find all kinds of great stuff.

Her latest 2017 spreadsheet is fabulous.

First of all, it’s easy. You only have to enter the data on one sheet. All the overviews and specific stats are linked. It’s in Google Docs so all you have to do is save a copy of the empty spreadsheet.

The reason I love it is that not only does it track all the basic stuff I want but it’s also flexible. If there’s something I want to keep track of that’s not already set up it’s easy to do with tags. She’s got a column where you can enter any tags you want or need. There is a tab set up where you can filter your reading data by the established columns and also by your personal tags. So, If I want to track something not already on the spreadsheet I can do that. I have a Library tag for books I check out from the library.

Reading Tracking Filter

click on the image for a larger version

I did some minor renaming of a couple of columns. The original tracks hardcover, paperback, ebook and audio. I changed that to print, ebook, both, and audio because I often switch between print and ebook formats when I’m reading a book.

I like the output of the stats information more than my previous spreadsheet.

Reading Tracking Statistics

Click on the image for a larger version

As with any tracking spreadsheet set up by someone else there are parts of this I won’t use. I don’t intend to track acquisitions and money spent on books. What The Hubster doesn’t know is good for him.

Seriously. If you want easy tracking with a bunch of different statistics all set up for you go check out this spreadsheet.