Bout of Books 17 Wrap Up

Bout of Books 17 Wrap-Up

Bout of Books 17 ended last night. It was my tenth Bout of Books and I’ve got the next one marked on my calendar the week of January 2-8th.

Once again I had a great time having a reason to say ‘nope, it’s Bout of Books and I’m going to read instead”.

I had a great reading week. The main reason I like Bout of Books is that it’s a low-pressure readathon. I never feel like I need to stop doing everything else to just read but I am encouraged to maximize and make more time for reading than I normally do. Obviously I worked full time all week so that limited my reading time but I managed to get a lot of reading hours in.

I managed to make some changes to my daily routine that I’d like to make regular habits. I traded my bus ride twitter and phone game time for reading. I also made sure to stay away from the phone apps and read on my lunch break. It used to be my habit and I’d like to get back to that.

As usual I read more on the weekdays than I did over the weekend. We were busy over the weekend but i did manage to carve out some reading time.

I don’t track pages read but I do track time spent reading and listening to audiobooks. My goal this year was to end up with more time spent reading than I did for the last Bout of Books. In May I had 13 hours and 5 minutes of reading time for the week.

For this Bout of Books I ended up with 19 hours and 3 minutes of reading so Yay Me!
Bout of Books 17

All in all I had a good reading week.
I finished one audiobook (Right Ho, Jeeves) and listened to a novella (Masked Ball at Broxley Manor) and started a new one (The Green Mill Murder)

In print, I read Other People’s Baggage which is a collection of three interrelated novellas all of which are prequels to mystery series. I also read most of In the Kingdom of Ice.

If you participated in this week’s Bout of Books I hope you had a great week of reading. If you didn’t participate you should consider joining me and all the other participants in August.