Weekend Update
Digital, Paper, or Both?

Over the past several months I’ve settled into a pattern in my reading when it comes to format.

I read both digital and print but more and more I’m reading a mix of both for the same title. If I have the ebook I’ll get the paper edition from the library. If I have the paper edition I’ll get the ebook from the library.

I know that a lot of people mix audio and ebook formats but I don’t. My ereader is a Kobo and Audible/Amazon’s Whispersync feature only works with Amazon’s own ereaders.

I have discovered that I prefer ebooks (usually on my phone) for my commuting and lunchtime reading. For one thing, I don’t have to add weight to my tote bag with a book.  It’s also just easier to read on the bus on my phone because it’s in my hand anyway so my book is right there. I don’t have to take a book or ereader out of my tote bag and put it back before the bus gets to my stop.
Digital, Paper, or Both?
Once I walk in my front door at home however, everything changes. I have discovered that as wonderful as ebooks are for commuting and travel I just don’t like to read ebooks that much at home. I’d rather pick up the paper edition and read that.

For me having both formats of a book is the best option. I can read on my phone or ereader when it’s convenient but still be able to curl up with the paper edition when I’m at home.

Are you a multiformat reader or is it always one or the other for a title?


Hope you’re having a great weekend!