Murder Buys a T-Shirt by Christy Fifield
Murder Buys a T-Shirt by Christy Fifield

Genre: Cozy Mystery
Format: Mass Market Paperback
Series: #1 in the Haunted Souvenir Shop series
Publisher: Berkley Prime Crime
Publication Date: 2012
Pages: 266
Source: Purchased

The Book:
From the publisher:

Glory Martine has inherited her uncle’s Florida souvenir shop, one stuffed with collectibles, mementos of times gone by–and ghosts–who, like her customers, refuse to let go of the past. But things take an even more unexpected turn when a local football hero dies far too suddenly and suspiciously. Now, Glory has to uncover the truth before someone makes her history…

My Thoughts:
I picked this one up because I needed a book with an article of clothing in the title for the What’s in a Name Challenge. I read a several cozy mystery series but hadn’t heard of this one. I figured it was worth a shot to read the first in the series.

It was OK. Nothing spectacular and seriously just OK. I liked it enough to finish it and to find out if my guess about the killer was correct. It’s a fairly average cozy mystery.

The main character was nice enough and she has friends who are fun and funny but it just never all came together enough to make me eager to turn the pages.

2 stars Rating 2/5