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Bookish Nostalgia August2016

I totally stole this idea from Kay at Kay’s Reading Life. Every month she looks back in her reading records to see what she was reading this month in past years. I decided that would be fun even though my reading spreadsheet doesn’t go back as far as Kay’s records do.

Bookish Nostalgia

I’ve only been tracking my reading since October 2003 but it’s still fun to take a look back occasionally. Anything before mid-2006 hasn’t been on my blog and some of those old reviews are frankly a little embarrassing at this point. I’ll link to my full reviews when I think are worth reading.

Sometimes my reaction is “I can’t believe I read that” and other times it’s “Oh I remember where I was when I read that one”. and occasionally it’s “I really want to read that again.”

Memoirs of a Geisha by Arthur Golden
This was pre-blog so I don’t have notes but I do remember liking this book.
I continued with my Alphabetical by Author reading challenge.
Second Glance by Jodi Picoult – A fairly typical Picoult book.
How Reading Changed My Life by Anna Quindlen – I need to read this one again – I loved it.
Julie and Romeo Get Lucky by Jeanne Ray – A sequel to Julie and Romeo that is just as sweet and charming.
All is Vanity by Christina Schwartz – Loved her first book (Drowning Ruth) but this one wasn’t nearly as good.
Sarah’s Quilt by Nancy Turner – A disappointing sequel of the story begun in the wonderful These is My Words.
Beautiful Lies by Lisa Unger – I figured out the mystery way too early in this one.
The Passions of Artemesia by Susan Vreeland – After a rather grim opening it’s the story of a survivor and its’ beautifully written.
If Looks Could Kill by Kate White – An enjoyable enough light mystery.
Endurance: Shackleton’s Incredible Voyage by Alfred Lansing – This one is about a ship stuck in the ice in the Antarctic and I’m currently reading a book about a Ship stuck in the ice in the Arctic.
Crossroad Blues by Ace Atkins – This is the first of his books featuring Nick Travers a New Orleans detective. This is now being adapted as a series of comics and I’m definitely looking forward to reading them. Ace Atkins’ Nick Travers Novels Being Adapted as Comics. Ace Atkins has occasionally shared artwork from the series on Twitter and it looks great.

The Well and the Mine by Gin Phillips
I was hooked from the first sentence
“After she threw the baby in, nobody believed me for the longest time. But I kept hearing the splash.”
I highly recommend this one.


Hope you’re having a great weekend!