Hexes and Hemlines by Juliet BlackwellHexes and Hemlines by Juliet Blackwell narrated by Xe Sands

Genre: Cozy Mystery
Format: Audiobook
Series: #3 in the Witchcraft Mysteres Seires
Publisher: Tantor Audio
Publication Date: 2012
Length: 7 hours, 42 minutes
Spource: Purchased

The Book
From the publisher:

With her vintage clothing store taking off, Lily Ivory is finding that life in San Francisco suits her just fine. But her ability to sense vibrations from the past, so useful in locating secondhand gems, has landed her in the middle of a new mystery….

Lily gets called away from Aunt Cora’s Closet when the police need a witch’s take on a strange case. Malachi Zazi was stabbed to death in his apartment, under a ladder, surrounded by the number thirteen, a broken mirror, and a black cat-superstitions that the victim, as head of a rationalist society, was devoted to discrediting. When the police identify a suspect from the Serpentarian Society, Lily is shocked to learn it’s someone she knows.

But with bad luck plaguing all its members, she begins to wonder if there’s more at work than mere coincidence. And while there aren’t many clues from the crime scene, Lily finds evidence of dark witchcraft and a hex on her friend’s doorstep. With her friend’s safety at stake, Lily is determined to use magic to find the murderer before everyone’s luck runs out.

My Thoughts
This is an entertaining cozy mystery series with a touch of paranormal fun.

Lily is the owner of a vintage clothing shop in the Haight-Ashbury district of San Francisco. She also happens to be a natural born witch.

I’m not usually a big fan of paranormal stuff but this series has fun characters (some of whom are not human) and interesting mysteries set in a city I know fairly well.

This time around Lily’s detective friend actually asks her to unofficially take a look at a murder scene because of all the strange bad luck symbols in the room. As Lily (naturally) continues her own investigation of the murder the suspect list soon includes people she knows.

I love Lily’s goblin familiar who transforms into a pot-bellied pig when in public.

In his natural state, my shape-shifting familiar was a cross between and imp and a gnome . . . or maybe a goblin. Whatever he was, Oscar was garrulous, perpetually hungry, and opinionated. He had large batlike ears, a face that resembled a grimacing monkey’s, claws on his hind feet, oversized hands . . . and all of it was covered in greenish gray scales.

He was so ugly he went clear around the bend into adorable.

The little guy had burst into my life not long ago thanks to Aidan Rhodes, male witch. Before I knew quite what was happening, Oscar was stuck to me like white on grits.

Trust a misfit witch to wind up with a drama queen for a familiar.

The narration by Xe Sands fits perfectly with the story. Her voice has a soft somewhat dreamy quality that suits the mood of much of the story (told from Lily’s point of view and in her light Texas accent). She does an excellent job of giving distinct voice characterizations to all of the characters whether female, male or goblin.

3.5 stars 3.5/5 for the book

4 stars 4/5 for the narration