A Royal Pain by Rhys Bowen narrated by Katherine Kellgren

A Royal Pain by Rhys Bowen

Genre: Cozy Mystery
Series: #2 in the Royal Spyness series
Publisher: Audible Studios
Publication Date: Originally 2009, this edition 2010
Length: 8 hours, 57 minutes
Read by: Katherine Kellgren
Source: Purchased

The Book:

From the publisher:

The Queen of England has concocted a plan in which penniless aristocrat Lady Georgie is to entertain a Bavarian princess and conveniently place her in the playboy prince’s path, in the hopes that he might finally marry.
But queens never take money into account. Georgie has very little, which is why she moonlights as a maid-in-disguise. She must draw up plans: clean house to make it look like a palace; have Granddad and her neighbor pretend to be the domestic staff; un-teach Princess Hanni the English she’s culled from American gangster movies; cure said princess of her embarrassing shoplifting habit; and keep an eye on her at parties.
Then there’s the worrying matter of the body in the bookshop and Hannis’ unwitting involvement with the Communist Party. It’s enough to drive a girl crazy.

My Thoughts:
This is a fun series. I read the first one in print and had heard a recommendation for the audio editions so decided to give that a try.

I’m glad I did. Katherine Kellgren does a good job with a cast of characters with a cast of characters from a variety of places and social classes. She’s fun and entertaining to listen to while I’m driving.

Set in 1932 London where Lady Georgianna (Georgie) Rannoch is 34th in line to the throne but penniless and unable to get a job because for women in her class that’s just not done.

The titular Royal Pain is the visiting Bavarian Princess that the Queen orders Georgie to entertain. The Queen also want’s Georgie to try to use Princess Hanni to divert the attentions of the Prince of Wales away from the American Mrs. Simpson.

This is a charming light cozy mystery series set in one of my favorite places and eras. The mysteries aren’t nearly as involved as all the social politics and rules.

I will probably continue this series in the audio format.

3 stars Rating 3/5 for the book

4 stars Rating 4/5 for the narration