Descender Vol. 1: Tin Stars by Jeff Lemire

Descender Vol. 1: Tin Stars by Jeff Lemire with art by Dustin Nguyen

Genre: Science Fiction
Series: #1 in the Descender Series
Format: Comics Collected Edition
Publisher: Image Comics
Publication Date: 2015
Pages: 148
Source: Purchased

The Short Version:
Ten years after all robots are banned a childlike android may hold the clue to keeping the universe safe from further attack.

Why I Read It:
I read it because I adore everything I’ve read by Jeff Lemire.

The Book:
This volume 1 is a compilation of issues 1-6 of the comic series.
From the back cover:

Ten Years after planet-sized robots called Harvesters appeared and wreaked havoc across the galaxy, a young android named TIM-21 wakes to find that all robots have been outlawed. But TIM may hold the secrets to the Harvesters in his machine DNA and he quickly becomes the most wanted robot in the universe. With bounty hunters and threats lurking at every turn TIM embarks on a mind-blowing adventure through the stars along with his robot dog, Bandit, and the lumbering mining droid, Driller.

My Thoughts:
Lemire has a way of telling a story through the innocent eyes and trusting nature of a child. In this case the ‘child’ is a childlike android who was designed to help people.

I am a class-A companion robot. My primary function is to entertain, protect and assist in the education of my assigned human child companion. Secondary functions include using my proprietary empathy settings to adapt to and gradually assimilate with my human companions.

Not surprisingly since it’s also from Image Comics, the imaginative story reminds me of Saga with the combination of robots, human and human like characters as well as some distinctly non-human creatures.

The artwork by Dustin Nguyen is wonderful. It’s done in watercolors but it’s vivid and varied in the different settings.

I have always enjoyed everything I’ve read by Lemire but this first volume of a new series is exceptional.

You can read the first issue online at BoingBoing – take a look. I’m betting you’ll be intrigued.

a9741-rating_5stars Rating 5/5