Road trip time is audiobook time for us. We have enjoyed listening to the first five books in the How to Train Your Dragon series by Cressida Cowell over the past year. Part of the enjoyment comes from the stories which are just fun, but the biggest part of what makes the audiobooks great is the narration by David Tennant.

The stories of Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III and his family and friends are children’s books but you don’t have to have kids to enjoy them. Tennant’s accents and voices are hilarious and the adventures of the Vikings and their dragons never fail to hold our attention and make us laugh.

It’s clear that he had a good time recording these. They are just delightfully fun and entertaining even on the most boring stretches of road. They’re all fairly short and easy to finish even on the short road trips.

A couple of weekends ago we had a long weekend trip that took us about four and a half hours away from home. We made an attempt to finish off three of the How to Train Your Dragon books but didn’t quite get the third one finished. I blame that on the fact that the first part of our trip was listening to a work conference call for The Hubster which delayed starting our books. (I rated the conference call 1 star by the way). There wasn’t much left to finish when we got home so we both just finished it on our own within a couple of days of driving to and from work.

The three we listened to are books numbers 6 through 8 in the series. The audio editions were all released in 2013 by Hachette Audio and are all narrated by David Tennant. The information about each is from the author’s website.

A Hero’s Guide to Deadly Dragons
A Hero's Guide to Deadly Dragons by Cressida Cowell

Hiccup is lost in the Library Labyrinth and the Driller-Dragons and Madguts and Murderous are on the prowl. Hiccup’s birthday is not going to be the quiet affair he might have hoped for.

How to Ride a Dragon’s Storm
How to Ride a Dragon's Storm by Cressida Cowell

Hiccup has three months, five days and six hours to discover America, get back to Berk, save his father, battle Polarserpents, AND win the annual Inter-Tribal Friendly Swimming Race. Can he do it? (Tick-tock-tick-tock-tick-tock)

How to Break a Dragon’s Heart
How to Break a Dragon's Heart by Cressida Cowell

Hiccup must battle Berserks, dodge Scarers, complete the Impossible Task and save Fishlegs from being fed to the Beast! And all while being hunted down by an old enemy with a dark secret about the Lost Throne. What’s a Hero to do?

I’m sure the print books are great but you are seriously missing out if you don’t give the audio editions a try.

Your inner eight year old will thank you

6a117-rating_35stars3.5 for the books
4.5 stars4.5 for the narration