Messenger, A Walt Longmire Story by Craig Johnson

Messenger by Craig Johnson

Genre: Short Story
Format: eBook
Series: A short story that fits in the Walt Longmire series timeline after As the Crow Flies (#8)
Publisher: Viking
Publication Date: 2013
Pages: 58
Source: Purchased

The Book:

This is a short story that takes place after the events of As the Crow Flies (Walt Longmire #8).
From the publisher:

Sheriff Walt Longmire, his long-time friend Henry Standing Bear, and his undersheriff Victoria Moretti are returning from a fishing trip in the Bighorn Mountains when Walt receives a distress call from Crazy Woman Canyon. Forest service ranger Chuck Coon is in trouble. Walt, the Bear, and Vic arrive to find Coon and a young woman up a tree, so to speak. The unlikely duo are fending off three very real bears from the top of a Porta Potty and tell a mystifying story of another dangerous creature inside the “convenience.” When Walt, Henry, and Vic face the creature what they find may be a Messenger from the Camp of the Dead, with a very personal tie to Walt himself.

My Thoughts:
I really enjoy Craig Johnson’s short stories that go along with his Walt Longmire series. They aren’t necessary for readers who are purists and only read the full novels but they sure are a lot of fun.

This one isn’t a mystery and actually has a lot of humor in it. This is surprising since the majority of the story takes place in a porta-potty. I really enjoy the banter between Walt and his best friend Henry. Vic Moretti is one of the funniest foul mouthed female characters I’ve come to know and I like her more and more with every book and story she’s in.

If you like the Walt Longmire series by Craig Johnson I highly recommend any and all of the related short stories he’s written. They really add a lot to the stories of all of the regular characters.

4 stars Rating 4/5