Weekend Update

Yesterday was the 2015 Portland’s PDX Adult Soap Box Derby at Mount Tabor Park. It’s one of my favorite days every summer. This year, due to scheduling changes we had to choose between an Organic Brewers Festival and the Soapbox Derby and there was no hesitation among our group. The Derby won the day.

(note: as always – click on the images for larger versions)

2015 PDX Adult Soapbox Derby

Babe the Blue Ox


After a summer of heat waves we ended up with near perfect weather yesterday for the Derby.

2015 PDX Adult Soapbox Derby

We’re not sure what that thing on the right was but it looked like so much fun to ride down the track.


Some of the racers are built for speed and some are just for fun. It’s always a great day.

2015 PDX Adult Soapbox Derby


This year’s highlights included a steampunk version of R2D2 that was completely awesome and a crowd favorite.

2015 PDX Adult Soapbox Derby

This Steampunk R2D2 was amazing



The Millennium Falcon was built by a team that works at Yakima Bike racks and we were told that a lot of it was ‘just junk we had lying around the shop that ended up glued and taped on”.

2015 PDX Adult Soapbox Derby

Millennium Falcon

This one was a Breaking Bad Winnebago last year. This year they added wings and Voila! Spaceballs!!

2015 PDX Adult Soapbox Derby


The Duff Beer Blimp and the Hungry Hungry Hippo weren’t very fast but the crowd loved them anyway.

Hope you’re having a great weekend!!