Essex County Vol. 3: The Country Nurse by Jeff Lemire

The Country Nurse by Jeff Lemire

Genre: Fiction
Format: Graphic Novel
Series: #3 in the Essex County Trilogy
Publisher: Top Shelf
Publication Date: 2008
Pages: 126
Source: Library

The Book:
From the back cover:

The acclaimed ESSEX COUNTY trilogy concludes! The Country Nurse follows a day in the life of Anne Quenneville, the peculiar farming community’s traveling nurse. As Anne checks in on her favorite patients, the story finally reveals how all three volumes stitch together in a portrait of how loss and regret push and pull at the fabric of family in small town life.

My Thoughts:
The final chapter of this trilogy was a fascinating and satisfying finale. It wrapped up some loose threads from the first two volumes as well as adding more history and some progress to the storylines. I loved it.

Jeff Lemire has the ability to create characters who stick with me for a long time. I have said before that I think Jeff Lemire is a genius and this finale of the Essex County trilogy is no exception.

On the surface Lemire’s artwork is simple and sometimes crudely drawn black and white images. It’s deceptive because the story he tells with that artwork is full of emotion and rich in content. He often has multiple panels and sometimes pages with little or no text but each panel is a crucial piece of the story.

Now that I’ve read the three volumes of the trilogy over a period of several months I want to go back and read it all again with full knowledge of the pieces of the story from this third volume.

Fortunately there is a Complete Essex County one volume editon that contains the full trilogy as well as a couple of additional stories and some bonus material. It will be a wonderful way for me to do a straight through re-read and also get to read the additional material.

Once again I’m going to recommend that you read anything you can get your hands on that Jeff Lemire has done. He’s amazing.

4.5 stars Rating 4.5/5