The Fixer by Joseph Finder

The Fixer by Joseph Finder

Genre: Suspense
Format: eBook
Publisher: Dutton
Publication Date: 2015
Pages: 383
Source: copy provided by publisher

The Short Version:
An investigative reporter finds a hidden pile of cash in his father’s home and may end up getting himself killed before he learns why it was there.

Why I Read It:
I have only read one short story by this author and liked it enough to put all his books on my TBR list so I figured that starting with his newest was as good a place as any.

The Book:
From the publisher:

When former investigative reporter Rick Hoffman loses his job, fiancée, and apartment, his only option is to move back into — and renovate — the home of his miserable youth, now empty and in decay since the stroke that put his father in a nursing home.

As Rick starts to pull apart the old house, he makes an electrifying discovery — millions of dollars hidden in the walls. It’s enough money to completely transform Rick’s life — and everything he thought he knew about his father. Yet the more of his father’s hidden past that Rick brings to light, the more dangerous his present becomes. Soon, he finds himself on the run from deadly enemies desperate to keep the past buried, and only solving the mystery of his father — a man who has been unable to communicate, comprehend, or care for himself for almost 20 years — will save Rick… if he can survive long enough to do it.

My Thoughts:
Oh I enjoyed this one a lot. I like the premise of an investigative journalist who ends up investigating his own father. Rick Hoffman’s father is in a nursing home and has been unable to communicate since a massive stroke many years ago. When Rick discovers a pile of cash in the old family home he’s baffled.

I enjoyed all the twists and turns in this story. Rick’s investigation is two pronged. He’s trying to find out who is trying to kill him while at the same time learning things he never suspected about his father. I won’t say more because it would be a shame to know too much going into this one. The fun of a story like this is learning every new tidbit right along with the protagonist.

Rick is not a professional investigator so he makes plenty of dumb mistakes along the way but that’s what you’d expect from an amateur. He’s not a completely sympathetic character but the story is interesting and fast paced with plenty of action.

This is one I’ll be passing along to The Hubster and recommending to my friends.

4 starsRating 4/5