Snowpiercer Vol. 2: The Explorers by Benjamin Legrand with art by Jean-Marc Rochette

Snowpiercer Vol. 2: The Explorers by Benjamin Legrand

Genre: Science Fiction, Graphic Novel
Series: #2 in the Snowpiercer series
Publisher: Titan Comics
Publication Date: 2014 (Originally published 1999 and 2000)
Pages: 140
Source: Library

The Book:

This volume 2 contains parts 2 and 3 of the series
From the publisher:

Coursing through an eternal winter, on an icy track wrapped around the frozen planet Earth, there travels a train that never stops. This is Snowpiercer: one thousand and one carriages long. The last bastion of human civilization. Or is it? A second train travels through the snow on the same track, its inhabitants living in constant fear of crashing into Snowpiercer.

My Thoughts:
This second and final volume (which actually contains parts two and three) of the series was published after the death of the writer of the first volume. Jean-Marc Rochette continued as the illustrator but Benjamin Legrand picked up the writing duties.

I enjoyed the premise and the story of the first volume but my advice it stop there. The second volume is rather muddied and indistinct both in the writing and the artwork. The story kind of wanders aimlessly. The artwork is not as sharp as the first volume and is often as blurry as the plot.

2 stars Rating 2/5