Hell is Empty by Craig Johnson, Narrated by George Guidall

Hell is Empty by Craig Johnson

Genre: Crime Fiction
Series: #7 in the Walt Longmire series
Publisher: Recorded Books
Publication Date: 2011
Length: 8 hours, 29 minutes
Read by: George Guidall
Source: Purchased

The Book:

From the author’s website:

Well-read and world-weary, Sheriff Walt Longmire has been maintaining order in Wyoming’s Absaroka County for more than thirty years, but in this riveting seventh outing, he is pushed to his limits.

Raynaud Shade, an adopted Crow Indian rumored to be one of the country’s most dangerous sociopaths, has just confessed to murdering a boy ten years ago and burying him deep within the Bighorn Mountains. Walt is asked to transport Shade through a blizzard to the site, but what begins as a typical criminal transport turns personal when the veteran lawman learns that he knows the dead boy’s family. Guided only by Indian mysticism and a battered paperback of Dante’s Inferno, Walt braves the icy hell of the Cloud Peak Wilderness Area, cheating death to ensure that justice—both civil and spiritual—is served.

My Thoughts:
I didn’t realize it had been so many months since I last listened to a Walt Longmire book. This is such a good series and I just thoroughly enjoy the audio editions narrated by George Guidall

This one has Walt mostly on his own chasing a deadly criminal through a winter storm ravaged wilderness. I got cold just listening to this one. Although some of the regular secondary characters made small appearances this one was mostly Walt on his own against the elements and a killer. It was reminiscent of the ordeal Walt endured near the end of the first book in the series.

I was pleased with the reappearance of an interesting character from an earlier book in the series. It added some interesting elements and touches of humor. There were some other places that Johnson dropped some hilarious moments to break the building tension that made me laugh out loud.

Once again, George Guidall does a wonderful job of narrating this series. His voice characterizations are subtle but consistent. In longer sections of dialog I never lose track of who is speaking.

This is definitely a series worth checking out if you haven’t. I’m partial to the audio editions but I’m sure they’re just as enjoyable in print.


4.5 stars Rating 4.5/5 for the book

4 stars Rating 4.5/5 for the narration