Meet Mr. Mulliner by P.G. Wodehouse

Meet Mr. Mulliner by P.G. Wodehouse

Genre: Humor, Short Stories
Publisher: H. Jenkins
Publication Date: Originally published 1927
Pages: 140
Source: Purchased

The Short Version:
A collection of nine lightly humorous stories.

Why I Read It:
I’ve read a couple of Wodehouse’s Jeeves and Wooster books but I wanted to read some of his other work.

The Book:
From the back cover of the Overlook Press edition:

A stalwart of ‘The Angler’s Rest’, where he is usually to be found in company with Miss Postlethwaite the barmaid, Mr Mulliner has an endless supply of brothers, nephews and cousins who feature in the tales with which he entertains the regulars in his favourite pub. There is George, the stammerer, who finds the courage to propose only after being chased by a mob; Wilfred, the chemist, who muddles his cosmetic potions with dire results; Lancelot, the film star; William, the lover of Myrtle Banks; Clarence, the society photographer; and Augustine, the curate, who saves his bishop from disgrace at the school reunion. All win through to love and success, but only after enough farcical mishaps to supply a dozen ordinary comic novelists.

My Thoughts:
Any visit to the Angler’s Rest pub will likely end up with the conversation reminding pub regular Mr. Mulliner of a story involving a member of his extended family. Mr. Mulliner is irrepressible and can quickly take any topic of conversation off on a tangent to one of his stories.

As with most of Wodehouse’s work these stories were originally written for publication in magazines and later collected into collected editions. Meet Mr. Mulliner contains 9 stories. Some of the Mulliner relatives show up in multiple stories but all the stories are independent of each other.

The reason I like Wodehouse is that the stories are light and amusing in a way that will more likely provoke a smirk than a real laugh. I like having one of his books around whether in print or digital edition so that I can read one of the stories in between other longer books. They’re nice palate cleansing stuff.

3 stars Rating 3/5