Flying Too High by Kerry Greenwood, Narrated by Stephanie Daniel

Flying Too High by Kerry Greenwood

Genre: Crime Fiction
Series: #2 in the Phryne Fisher series
Publisher: Bolinda Audio
Publication Date: 1990 for the book, 2012 for this audio edition
Length: 5 hours, 6 minutes
Read by: Stephanie Daniel
Source: Purchased

The Book:

From the publisher:

Walking the wings of a Tiger Moth plane in full flight ought to be enough excitement for most people, but not Phryne Fisher, amateur detective, woman of mystery, as delectable as the finest chocolate and as sharp as razor blades. In this, the second Phryne Fisher mystery, the 1920s’ most talented and glamorous detective flies even higher, handling a murder, a kidnapping and the usual array of beautiful young men with style and consummate ease—and all before it’s time to adjourn to the Queenscliff Hotel for breakfast. Whether she’s flying planes, clearing a friend of homicide charges or saving a child from kidnapping, she handles everything with the same dash and elan with which she drives her red Hispano-Suiza.

My Thoughts:
This is just a fun series. Phryne Fisher is a great character. The setting in 1920’s Australia is a nice change of pace from so many of the other series I read. Phryne has plenty of money so her new career as an investigator isn’t something she does to survive. It’s because she enjoys and she’s downright good at it.

The supporting cast is fun. Phryne’s maid and the couple who are her new household staff are going to be great. I also enjoy the two guys she calls on when she needs some blue collar help.

In this one Phryne is investigating both a murder and a kidnapping. The story jumps back and forth and the two investigations don’t really intersect but it keeps things interesting.

Stephanie Daniel does a great job of narration. She’s easy to listen to and her voice characterizations are distinct and consistent.

This is an enjoyable series and I’m looking forward to listening to more. I also plan to check out the TV adaptation on Netflix one of these days.

3.5 stars Rating 3.5/5 for the book

4 stars Rating 4/5 for the narration