Fables Vol. 11: War and Pieces by Bill Willingham

Fables Vol. 11: War and Pieces by Bill Willingham et al

Genre: Fantasy, Graphic Novel
Series: #11 in the Jack of Fables series
Publisher: Vertigo
Publication Date: 2008
Pages: 201
Source: Library


The Book:
This volume 11 is a compilation of issues 70-75 of the comic series.

From the back cover:

Fables Attack
The final battle between the free Fables of the mundane world and the Empire occupying their former Homelands is about to begin, and the scrappy storybook heroes have already managed to even the odds considerably. With his previously unstoppable wooden soldiers neutralized, the Adversary is about to get his first taste of high technology in the form of steel-jacketed bullets and laser-guided bombs. But the ruler who conquered a hundred different worlds didn’t do it by fighting clean—and he’s still got a surprise or two left to spring on the residents of Fabletown.

My Thoughts:
Every time I think I have read my favorite of the Fables series I pick up the next one and change my mind.

This time around the war with the Adversary finally happens but not before a couple of side stories. First Boy Blue is finally ready to tell Rose Red how he really feels but has he been in the Friend Zone too long?

Next is a fun espionage tale starring my favorite spy, Cinderella. When you need a spy, Cinderella is the one you want to hire,

The rest of the the volume is the multi-part story of the final epic battle between the free Fables and the Adversary and his forces. It’s surprising, thrilling, and even amusing. The panel layout in the climactic scenes is multiple brightly colored vertical panels that are perfect for increasing the tension and immediacy as the action speeds up to the final moments on several battle fronts at the same time.

As the epilogue fills in the story amid the aftermath there are surprises and hints that despite the downfall of the Adversary things are not going to be smooth sailing in the Fables world.

If you haven’t started this series you should.

4.5 stars Rating 4.5/5