A Cast-Off Coven by Juliet Blackwell

A Cast-Off Coven by Juliet Blackwell

Genre: Cozy Mystery
Series: #2 in the Witchcraft Mysteries Series
Publisher: Tantor Audio
Publication Date: 2012 Tantor Audio (Book originally published 2010)
Length: 8 hours, 36 minutes
Read by: Xe Sands
Source: Purchased

The Short Version:
A modern day witch is asked to investigate a possible ghost at the San Francisco School of Fine Arts but it quickly turns into a murder investigation.

Why I Read It:
I enjoyed the first book in this series when I listened to it and have added more of the series to my audiobook library.

The Book:
From the publisher:

Lily Ivory is not your average witch. She runs a vintage clothing store called Aunt Cora’s Closet and has the magical ability to sense vibrations of the past from clothing and jewelry. When students are spooked at the San Francisco School for the Arts, Lily is called in to search for paranormal activity. She finds a dead body and a closet full of old clothes with some very bad vibes.

My Thoughts:
This is a fun cozy series with a fun bit of a paranormal twist. Lily is a natural witch who has had a tough time in her life because of it. She’s building a life in San Francisco and her vintage clothing store is doing well. A few close friends know she has an interest in witchcraft. For this reason she is asked to help find out if there is really a ghost at the San Francisco School of Fine Arts. Her payment is to be a the Victorian Era clothing that was discovered in a sealed off storeroom.

When the ghost hunting turns into a murder nystery Lily gets involved in the investigation. She discovers that there is an evil presence involved.

It’s a light mystery and the witchcraft element adds some fun. I enjoy Lily’s friends and her familiar (a goblin who disguises himself as a pot bellied pig in the presence of non witches) cracks me up.

In addition to the murder mystery, Lily is also learning some new information about her own past from “Aidan Rhodes, Male Witch”. He’s the one who brought her Oscar and he clearly has things he’s not telling Lily. This ongoing storyline is interesting and I’m curious to see where it will lead.

Xe Sands narration of this series feels like a great fit since Lily tells the story. Sands uses a slight accent that fits with Lily’s background growing up in Texas. She’s easy to listen to and does a great job with voice characterizations for a variety of characters.

3.5 stars Rating 3.5/5 for the book

4 stars Rating 4/5 for the narration