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Fables Vol. 10: The Good Prince by Bill Willingham

Fables Vol. 10: The Good Prince by Bill Willingham

Genre: Fantasy, Graphic Novel
Series: #10 in the Fables series
Publisher: Vertigo
Publication Date: 2008
Pages: 238
Source: Library

The Book:
This volume 10 is a compilation of issues 60-69 of the comic series.

From the publisher:

The Return of the King

With all-out war looming between the forces of the Adversary and the free Fables living in the mundane world, everything now depends on a humble janitor known as Flycatcher. Released from centuries of trauma-induced amnesia, Prince Ambrose (as he was known in happier times) faces a long and difficult road–one that will take him through the lands of the dead and into the heart of the enemy’s realm. Once there, this unassuming and unlikely hero will face his greatest and most arduous test–and the future of both Fabletown and the Homelands will turn on the outcome.

My Thoughts:
This is my favorite volume of this series yet. I have long been a fan of Flycatcher (the frog prince) so I was glad to see him take a starring role in a story arc. By taking the story into the lands of the dead some previously disposed of characters were able to make a reappearance. This definitely gave the story some fun and interesting turns.

After reading more comics and graphic novels lately I was pleased to relish the richness and detail of the artwork in this series. It’s just so complex and interesting. There is so much story on every page far beyond the words of the story.

In addition to the main Prince Ambrose vs. The Adversary story there was a fun detour to an important birthday party for Snow White and Bigby Wolf’s children. A long held secret is revealed to them.

I adore this series and was glad to return to the main Fables story after reading one of the Jack of Fables spinoffs. I need to get through the next Jack book soon so I can move on to Volume 10 of Fables

If you haven’t started this series you should.

4.5 stars Rating 4.5/5