Eight years ago today I started what I had planned to use as an online book journal. I expected it to be primarily for me and a handful of friends or family I could give the link to when they asked “what book have you read lately that you’d recommend?”.

I had no idea that “book blogging” was a thing until people I didn’t know started commenting.


Eight years later things are very very different.

Since that first comment from a stranger all those years ago I have developed many long term friendships with fellow booklovers I’ve met through this blog. Even though, I haven’t met most of them in person.

These people are now my primary source of book related information and recommendations. Through their blogs and now also on Twitter and Facebook I chat with them daily. Conversations that used to take place in the comments section strictly about books are now all over social media and about books and life in general.

As those relationships and friendships have evolved over the years this blog has also evolved. It’s still primarily a book journal for me. For that reason I do post about every book I read. The ‘Nutshell Review’ format I’ve started using is perfect for those that I still want a record here but don’t need a full review. I don’t just talk about books though. I enjoy sharing photos and other things (usually in Weekend Update posts) but that isn’t a strict rule.

The evolution of this blog is an ongoing thing. I’ve got some changes planned in the next few months but that’s all I’ll tell you for now. Nothing earthshattering but some tweaks that I’ve decided are necessary. I’ll still be here posting about books and sharing photos and talking about whatever I decide is worth talking about.

I plan to continue to be here and I hope you will continue to visit. I am truly appreciate every visitor and commenter who stops by. Thanks for letting me be a part of your day.