The Accident by Chris Pavone

The Accident by Chris Pavone

Genre: Suspense
Publisher: Crown Publishers
Publication Date: 2014
Pages: 343
Source: Copy provided by the publisher

The Short Version:
A manuscript of an unauthorized biography of a media mogul could get anyone who reads or knows about it killed because of the secrets it reveals.

Why I Read It:
I enjoyed Pavone’s first book and was happy to have his second on hand.

The Book:
From the publisher

As dawn approaches in New York, literary agent Isabel Reed is turning the final pages of a mysterious, anonymous manuscript, racing through the explosive revelations about powerful people, as well as long-hidden secrets about her own past. In Copenhagen, veteran CIA operative Hayden Gray, determined that this sweeping story be buried, is suddenly staring down the barrel of an unexpected gun. And in Zurich, the author himself is hiding in a shadowy expat life, trying to atone for a lifetime’s worth of lies and betrayals with publication of The Accident, while always looking over his shoulder.

Over the course of one long, desperate, increasingly perilous day, these lives collide as the book begins its dangerous march toward publication, toward saving or ruining careers and companies, placing everything at risk—and everyone in mortal peril. The rich cast of characters—in publishing and film, politics and espionage—are all forced to confront the consequences of their ambitions, the schisms between their ideal selves and the people they actually became.

My Thoughts:
I love a good twisty turny suspense story and the fact that this one was wrapped around the business of the publishing industry just made it all that much more fun for me.

The essential events of the book take place within a single day but there are multiple flashbacks to events from the past. The one day time frame and international scope of the story means that a whole lot of STUFF happens in 24 hours.

There is a huge cast of characters and the setting shifts between many different locations. Pavone manages to keep the tension high from the very beginning. For me there was one crucial “Holy &*#!” moment that made me want to drop everything and finish the book in one sitting. Unfortunately I was at lunch at work when that happened and my boss wouldn’t have been too thrilled. Nevertheless, I did finish the book that day. It was a wild ride.

It’s not necessary to read Pavone’s first book The Expats, before reading this but be aware that there are some characters from that book who make an appearance in this one and some plot elements of The Expats are casually mentioned.

The bottom line is that I highly recommend both of Pavone’s books and I cannot wait for him to write more.

4 stars Rating 4/5