The Runaways Vol. 2: Teenage Wasteland by Brian K. Vaughan
The Runaways Vol. 2: Teenage Wasteland by Brian K. Vaughan

Genre: Science Fiction, Superheroes (Graphic Novel)
Series: #2 in the Runaways series
Publisher: Marvel
Publication Date: 2005
Pages: 144
Source: Library

The Short Version:
After finding out that their parents are super villains a group of teens is on the run and in danger.

Why I Read It:
After reading the first volume of this series I just had to find out what happened next

The Book:
This volume 2 is a compilation of issues 1-12 of the comic series.

From the back of the book:

Still on the run from their super-villain parents, this motley crew of super-powered kids finds a kindred spirit in a daring young stranger and welcomes him into their fold. But will this dashing young man help the teenagers defeat their villainous parents, or tear them apart? One troubled member finds out, as she leaves the group’s hideout with their new recruit, who reveals his startling secret, putting the entire team in jeopardy! Plus: Who do you send to catch a group of missing, runaway teenage super heroes? Marvel’s original teen runaway crimefighters, Cloak and Dagger, make their first major appearance in years!

My Thoughts:
The first volume of this series definitely got me interested and the second volume was just as fun. The kids in this series are great characters and I’m enjoying getting to know them as they face both dangers from without and fears from within.

The introduction of Cloak and Dagger sent me to Google to find out who they were and their background. I haven’t read the comics that told their backstory but it was easy to look up and honestly not truly necessary to the story in this book.
The kids are trying to figure out their own powers and talents and struggling to figure out what is the right thing to do. I liked that the story included them having difficulty processing what they’ve learned about their parents while at the same time just wanting to go back to the way things were before they knew.

The new dangers they face in this one bring them closer together while at the same time create occasional dissension and conflicts within the group.

Clearly this series is drawn and written to appeal to a young adult audience but I like it a lot and now that it’s past the introducing characters and situations stage the story is becoming more complex.

The artwork is still a blend of standard Marvel superhero comic and Japanese style art. It’s colorful and interesting and adds to the story.

This is just a fun series so far and I’m looking forward to continuing it.

3.5 stars Rating 3.5/5