Another Man’s Moccasins by Craig Johnson

Another Man’s Moccasins by Craig Johnson

Genre: Mystery
Series: #4 in the Walt Longmire series
Publisher: Recorded Books
Publication Date: 2008 Recorded Books (Book originally published 2008)
Length: 8 hours, 47 minutes
Read by: George Guidall
Source: Library

The Short Version:
Sheriff Walt Longmire investigates the death of a young Vietnamese woman found on the side of the road in Wyoming and it reminds him eerily of his first homicide investigation as a young Marine in Vietnam.

Why I Read It:
The only reason I even started this series was because Jen at Jen’s Book Thoughts kept telling me that it was one of her favorite series on audio. Now it’s one of my favorites and I have no interest in the print editions. I’ve enjoyed every one and have a few more already loaded up on my ipod.

The Book:
This one picks up a few months after the end of the previous book. Walt’s daughter Cady is back in Wyoming recovering from the injuries she suffered in Kindness Goes Unpunished. She’s making progress but frankly her care and therapy have been of more concern to Walt than his own job and the upcoming election.

When the body of a young Vietnamese woman is found on the side of the road suspicion initially falls on a homeless man named Virgil White Buffalo but clues soon make it clear that the case isn’t as simple as first thought.

The dead woman had a photo of a bar girl that Walt knew when he was stationed in Vietnam. His memories of his first homicide investigation as a Marine are interspersed with the present day story.

My Thoughts:
I was glad to see the series return to Wyoming after the previous book took place in Philadelphia. I missed the supporting characters and was glad to have them back on the scene and in the story again.

That said, a good portion of this book takes place in Vietnam in 1968 just before the Tet Offensive. As Walt investigates the case of the dead woman in Wyoming he’s constantly drifting into memories of that time in Vietnam. The two stories alternate and intertwine and the flashbacks fill in a lot of the previously unknown history of Walt and a bit of his friend Henry Standing Bear’s too.

Walt is determined to find out who the young woman is and who killed her. A visitor in town who identifies himself as the woman’s grandfather seems to have some answers but he’s also raising Walt’s suspicions.

This one had a good mix of mystery, history, and side helping of humor along the way. It’s probably my favorite of the series so far.

George Guidall is a good fit as narrator for this series. His voice fits well with Walt and I enjoy listening to him. I will admit that he is one narrator that I routinely listen to on the faster speed setting on my ipod. On the regular speed it’s just a bit slow for me.

I still highly recommend this series and the audio format. I already have the next few books ready and waiting.

We do watch the TV series and while they are based on the characters in the books they are tortally different stories and it doesn’t bother me in the least that they don’t match up. The TV show doesn’t simply re-tell the books and for me it compliments the books quite well.

4.5 stars Rating 4.5/5 for the book

4.5 stars Rating 4.5/5 for the narration been here with a comment.