Weekend Update
Since my last update:
I finished reading The Prophet by Michael Koryta. I liked this one a lot and the football part of the story was a nice touch of Friday Night Lights just when I’m getting antsy for the beginning of College Football Season.

I started reading the third book in the Unwritten series. This series is one of my first forays into the world of graphic novels and it’s been a huge success for me. I love all the literary references in these.

On audio I’m listening to Guardian of the Horizon by Elizabeth Peters. It’s been nice to get back to the Peabody/Emerson family and Barbara Rosenblat’s narration.

We took a road trip this weekend and I made The Hubster listen to Let’s Pretend This Never Happened: A Mostly True Memoir by Jenny Lawson. He’s read a few of her posts at The Bloggess that I’ve forwarded to him and while this is the second time through this book for me, I’ve been enjoying watching him laugh along. It’s been a good road trip book.

Other than books and reading:
We’re actually in Southern Oregon today. We came down to see a play at The Oregon Shakespeare Festival in Ashland. We saw Henry V last night and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Oregon Shakespeare Festival, August 11, 2012

Henry V has always been one of my favorite plays. Over the past 3 years, OSF has done Henry IV, Part 1, Henry IV, Part 2 and now Henry V with the same actors playing the continuing roles. John Tufts has done an excellent job of portraying Henry from his carefree days as Prince Hal to his strength as King Henry to his tongue tied lovestruck final scenes with Katherine.

Oregon Shakespeare Festival Elizabethan Theater

We’ve been coming down to Ashland regularly since 2001 and we’re now down to 4 plays short of seeing the entire Shakespeare canon. One of those four (Cymbeline) is on the schedule for next year.

Abby antics . . . is there some sort of ‘Hiding Camp” where I can enroll this cat? She needs help.

Abby needs hiding lessons

Hope you’re having a great weekend.