Weekend Update

Since my last update:
I finished reading The Yard by Alex Grecian. I really enjoyed this one and was happy to see that it’s the first in a planned series. It’s a little like a modern TV Detective show (think NYPD Blue or CSI) but set in Victorian London. I enjoyed it a lot and hope The Hubster does too when I make him read it.

I also read 15 Seconds by Andrew Gross. It’s somewhat of a suspense thriller but didn’t really wow me. I’m going to clear my head after that one by reading a highly recommended graphic novel. It’s called The Unwritten and it’s written by Mike Carey with artwork by Peter Gross. I hope my second venture into graphic novels is as successful as my first.

In audio, I finished listening to One Dog Night by David Rosenfelt. This series is fun and so very well narrated by Grover Gardner. This is one of the series I targeted for catching up with in 2012 so it’s nice to check off a goal for the year. My new audiobook is The Limpopo Academy of Private Detection by Alexander McCall Smith. I so thoroughly enjoy Lisette Lecat’s reading of this series and it’s wonderful driving around entertainment.

Other than books and reading:
My evenings this week were devoted to knitting. I needed to get to a certain point on the scarf I’m knitting for Thursday’s class. It was a bit stressful because lace knitting is new to me and I’m a bit intimidated. I got it to where I needed to be and I’m really pleased with this yarn for this pattern.

First section of sampler scarf

I’m also relieved that I can now proceed without any time pressure. I’ll alternate working on this and working on projects that are a little more mindless knitting. It was nice to just work on my sweater which is at the easy point last night.

Helvetia Half/Widmer 10K start

Yesterday I did a 10K walk. The Helvetia Half Marathon & Widmer Brothers 10K is one of my favorite 10K events every year. Usually The Hubster runs the half while I walk the 10K but he’s injured and couldn’t run this year.
He was pre-registered so he went over with me and waited while I walked, then joined me for the post-race burger and beer. After a few days of typical Rose Festival time rain, we lucked out with perfect race weather. Despite the crowd at the joint start the 10K route is a nice one once the half marathon folks break off.

Portland fire boat greeting Rose Festival Fleet

Speaking of Rose Festival, my office has a great view of the river so this week when the Coast Guard and Navy Ships arrived
I was able to catch the Portland Fire Boat in full party mode as part of the greeting committee right from my cubicle.

Abby would say hi, but it’s naptime.


We’re considering changing her nickname from “Abby Tabby” to “Abby the Flabby Tabby”. She’s a fan of food.

Hope you’re having a great weekend.