Weekend Update
Since my last update:

It’s definitely December and the busy is in full swing. My To Do lists both at work and at home are nearly out of control. I’m savoring the far too few moments I have to just sit and immerse myself in a book these days. The good thing about audiobooks is that they go with me when I’m on my next trek to take care of eighty gazillion errands.

I finished reading Turn of Mind by Alice La Plante. I was fascinated with her choice to tell the story from the viewpoint of a character with dementia. It made for a slightly choppy yet ultimately very satisfying way to tell the story as all the pieces fell together in decidedly non-linear way. I started Hostage Zero by John Gilstrap. This is the second book in his Jonathan Grave series and I’m enjoying it a lot. I forgot how much I like these characters.

I’m enjoying listening to A Trick of the Light by Louise Penny. This is such a great series and it seems to continue to get better with each book.

I should finish up the short stories in Poachers by Tom Franklin today. The last one in the story is a little long to be considered a ‘short story’ so I might post about that one but not on a Short Story Monday.

Other than books and reading:

I’ve mostly just been trying to keep up with all the to dos that go along with the holiday season. I’m still working on multiple knitting projects but haven’t reached the finished point on any of them. I need to focus on the second slipper sock since it’s a Christmas gift.

It got cold this week and I took advantage of the fact I was working from home to go out and get a few photos in our heavily frosty back yard. One of those was this week’s Wordless Wednesday photo. You’ll be seeing more of these in upcoming weeks.

I shared this over on the Posterous blog but I’m going to repost it here because I think it’s pretty cool. View it full screen if you can.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d1I1LjIZf_M]

New on my shelves and lists:

I don’t think I added any books this week but with the long list I added last week, that’s probably a good thing.

Hope you’re having a great weekend!!