Two more from an interesting short story collection.

“The Time Before the Last” and “No One” by Marcus Sakey
Part of a collection of seven stories available as an ebook Scar Tissue: Seven Stories of Love and Wounds
No One and a few others in the collection are also available individually
Published: 2010

I’m enjoying both the variety and the common themes in the stories in this collection.

In The Time Before the Last , Sakey takes on the challenge of extremely short fiction. This story is only 25 words long. I read it, thought about it, read it again and then just sat and absorbed the entirety of the story. Is it complete without the title? Probably, but the title really adds meaning that makes the story that much more of an emotional experience.

In No One, a young man starts out typing his thoughts to an anonymous website. At first his story seems to be regrets about a relationship that fell apart, but as he continues it turns out to be much more complicated.

Each story in this collection is prefaced by an explanation of the circumstances and reasons behind it and whether it was for some particular project or theme collection. It makes for interesting background to the stories themselves.

This collection of stories has been a great way to read more and different styles from an author who was already a favorite of mine.

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