Anyone Can Die by James Le Pore

Genre: Short Stories
Publisher: The Story Plant
Publication Date: 2011
Pages: 46
Source: Copy provided by the author

The Short Version:
Three short stories providing background for the main characters of the author’s first suspense novel A World I Never Made.

Why I Read It:
I’ve enjoyed two of James Le Pore’s books and when he offered to send me this short story collection I quickly said yes.

The Book:
The book (really more of a booklet at 46 pages) contains three short stories that provide some background for three main characters of the novel A World I Never Made.

In the introduction the author explains that in editing the novel, he found it necessary to edit out some of the backstories of the characters in order to preserve the pacing of the the book. He later used some of that material to write these shot stories as a companion piece to the novel.

Till Death Do Us Part

Pat Nolan and his bride discover surprising things about themselves and each other when confronted with a dangerous situation on their honeymoon. While exploring New Mexico they stop to check out a hot spring they’d heard about, but newlyweds Pat and Lorrie Dolan encounter trouble with some locals. Even though they’re still learning about each other they are forced into a situation that reveals truths about them both individually and as a couple.

God’s Warriors

Megan Nolan is on her own and living in Paris. She has a rather cynical attitude about her current relationship and lover, but is she really that heartless? Scenes from a series of related incidents reveal that Megan has an unexpected soft side to go along with her tough exterior and outlook on life.


FBI agent Max French takes a break from the wrap up of a complex case to get back to the Seattle area of his childhood for the funeral of a person who had been instrumental in his life. The flashbacks to events of many years ago

My Thoughts:

These stories can be read in isolation from the novel quite easily. On their own they are stories that have some suspense and are about pivotal moments in the characters lives. To read them as a companion piece to A World I Never Made, however adds some interesting background and additional thoughts about the characters.

In the introduction to this book(let), Le Pore says that the stories are something that can be read separate from the novel as well as before or after. I liked them as a worthwhile extension of it even though it’s been nearly two years since I read it.

3.5 stars Rating 3.5/5

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