Good People by Marcus Sakey

Genre: Suspense, Crime Fiction
Publisher: Dutton
Publication Date: 2008
Pages: 326
Source: Purchased

The Short Version:
When circumstances offer the chance for an unexpected windfall, a young couple also discover it comes with unexpected complications; some of which might be life threatening

Why I Read It:
Both The Hubster and I have read and enjoyed Marcus Sakey’s first two books and I wanted to read this one before his next one comes out in June.

The Book
What if you hit it big in the lottery? What if that lottery wasn’t exactly a lottery but the cabinets in your downstairs apartment after your reclusive tenant unexpectedly dies? With no sign that he had any friends or family would anyone know or care if you kept your tenant’s money?

Anna and Tom desperately want a child, but fertility treatments and failed in-vitro attempts have left them in debt and with a marriage showing clear signs of strain. When an unexpected windfall of seemingly ownerless cash lands in their hands they may have the opportunity for a fresh start and possibly have another try for a child.

What Anna and Tom don’t know about the money is what could kill them.

My Thoughts:
This was another exciting and interesting thriller from an author who has become one of my favorites. If you’re in the mood for a fast paces suspense story I can definitely recommend this one.

Tom and Anna were interesting protagonists and while I wasn’t necessarily rooting for them to succeed in getting away with their ill-gotten gains, they made for a suspenseful story. Usually in a thriller I’m rooting for someone, but in this case I found myself wanting Tom and Anna to face some of the reality that they were so intent on avoiding. I found it interesting that Sakey could keep me so involved with the story despite the fact that for many reasons I didn’t really like or have any desire to root for the main characters.

All in all it makes for a fun and thrilling story that will most definitely capture your attention and hold it right up until the end.

I’m definitely passing this one along to The Hubster and can readily recommend it. I’m eagerly anticipating reading another of Marcus Sakey’s books soon.

Rating 4.5/5