Yup – I’ve read it, but I’m not going to post a review because it’s too early for a book with so many people still on long long library waiting lists. I’ve never read a hotly anticipated book on its release day before, but I’ve been looking forward to this one for months and didn’t want to be spoiled myself so I read it right away.

Normally I don’t hesitate to post a review of a book shortly before or after its release date, but for this one I’m going to hold back. The book was embargoed and no advance copies were available and given the anticipation and potential fear of spoilers I’m going to wait to do a full review style post for after I re-read it. Yes, I’ll re-read it. What I’ll probably do is get the audio version and re-read it that way.

So – what did I think? I thought it was a well done finale to the trilogy. I didn’t really go into it with any expectations or hopes for how the story would play out. I knew that Suzanne Collins would do things that I thought were predictable and that she would also surprise me and I was right on both counts. In my opinion there were just too many possible ways for the story to proceed after the ending of Catching Fire so I didn’t spend a lot of time speculating. I didn’t have an opinion on the “Team Peeta” or “Team Gale” question either. I didn’t do much guessing and have just been counting the days to the release date ever since I turned the final page of Catching Fire last September.

Now that I’ve read it I’m looking forward to reading reviews and discussions because I’m sure there are a variety of opinions of this book. Simply because this series has been so popular and the final installment so highly anticipated I’m sure the discussions will be nearly as entertaining as the series itself.

Well done Suzanne Collins. Well done.

I may change my rating when I re-read it but for now my initial feeling is 4 stars. It wasn’t completely spectacular, but it was a good solid ending to the trilogy.

Rating 4/5