All Together Dead by Charlaine Harris

Genre: Mystery / Vampire / Romance
Series: #7 in the Sookie Stackhouse series
Publication Date: 2007
Pages: 323
Challenges: Sookie Stackhouse Reading Challenge #7
Source: Purchased New

The Short Version:
Sookie attends a Vampire Convention at the demand of the Vampire Queen of Louisiana and of course it becomes way more complicated than she expects.

Why I Read It:
It’s the next in a series that I’m having fun with and trying to finish through book 9 by the end of June for the challenge.

The Book:
With any series it’s difficult to discuss plot without giving spoilers to the earlier books so if you haven’t read the others yet, skip down to My Thoughts.

Between what happened in the previous book and Hurricane Katrina, things are not looking good for the Vampire Queen of Louisiana. She’s hurting financially and emotionally in the aftermath of the hurricane. On top of that she’s set to go on trial for the murder of her husband at the Vampire Summit in Illinois. The gathering of Vampire royalty from the Central US makes for an interesting combination of court proceedings, convention, sales expo and gala. Because of the pending trial and expected political gamesmanship, the Queen of Louisiana demands Sookie’s presence so she can gauge the truthfulness of what she’s being told.

Sookie is reluctant, but feels she must go and decides to make the best of it and enjoy as best she can the experience of her first big convention like event and visit to a part of the country that is new to her. As a bonus, Sookie’s latest love interest, Quinn the weretiger is also going because his company is handling the arrangements for the special events.

Between the political intrigue among the vampire royalty and the growing antipathy toward the vampires by the Fellowship of the Sun, there’s potential for even more trouble that Sookie can imagine.

My Thoughts:
As with the other books in the series this was mostly just a whole heck of a lot of fun. Lots of returning characters of varying species and getting the story out of town again was fun. I did miss the Bon Temps crowd a bit (particularly Sam), but the change of venue from book to book is one of the things that keeps the series interesting.

I’ll admit to growing a bit weary of a new type of creature showing up in every book. This time it’s folks from a whole different dimension. I quite think there is enough of a cast of species already, but that’s also part of the formula so I don’t really expect it to change. It’s not going to keep me from reading and enjoying the series.

This one was suspenseful and with a few predictable and a few unpredictable turns along the way.

Rating 4/5