Definitely Dead by Charlaine Harris

Genre: Mystery / Vampire / Romance
Series:  #6 in the Sookie Stackhouse series
Publication Date: 2006
Pages: 324
Challenges: Sookie Stackhouse Reading Challenge #6
Source: Purchased New

The Short Version:
Sookie’s learns some truths that have been hidden and is forced to deal with a few things she’d rather not as well as a few things (Quinn the shapeshifting Bengal tiger) that she doesn’t mind dealing with at all.

Why I Read It:
It’s the next in a series that I’m having fun with and trying to finish through book 9 by the end of June for the challenge. 

The Book:
With any series it’s difficult to discuss plot without giving spoilers to the earlier books so if you haven’t read the others yet, skip down to My Thoughts.

Sookie’s presence is needed in New Orleans and she’s not happy about it at all.  She needs to go there to clear out her deceased cousin’s apartment and deal with the estate such as it is that her cousin has left to her.  At the same time, the Queen of Louisiana has demanded Sookie’s presence at an upcoming Vampire conference.  She’d desperately like to get out of that obligation but it’s not looking likely.

Sookie starts dating and is joined in New Orleans by the sexy Quinn (who occasionally shape shifts into a Bengal tiger). The problem is that they appear to be the intended victims of a renegade pack of werewolves.  Just getting cousin Hadley’s apartment cleaned out and home to Bon Temps alive is soon Sookie’s only goal.

Along the way Sookie learns the painful truth about some things.

My Thoughts:
I liked that the emphasis of this story shifted a bit from the Bill/Eric/Sookie storyline.  Quinn is an entirely sexy and interesting character.  I love that Claudine the Fairy is becoming more of the story too.  She’s a great character.

This series continues to be just a fun and enjoyable mixture of romance, vampire and other supernatural creature story and mystery.  It’s a delightful mix and with each book Charlaine Harris introduces a few new twists and supernatural elements while keeping the vampire lore and story moving forward.

Rating 4/5