The Blade Itself by Marcus Sakey
Genre: Crime Thriller
Publication Date: 2007
Pages: 331
Clear Off Your Shelves
Source: purchased new

The blade itself incites to violence – Homer

Danny Carter grew up in Chicago. His dad worked hard, but Danny got mixed up with the wrong crowd as a kid and ended up a petty thief. Seven years ago he and his partner Evan held up a pawn shop and things went dreadfully wrong. Danny has put that all in his past and had gone on to build a new life of respectability despite the fact that he did it by hiding the truth of his past mistakes. When Evan suddenly reappears in Danny’s life he’s unsure what to make of it. Evan is newly released from prison and ready to join up with Danny again and return to their old ways. When Danny says no, Evan refuses to accept that answer. With his past mistakes now threatening his new law abiding, responsible life, Danny has to make an impossible choice. Things soon start spinning horribly out of Danny’s control.

While I found this book in the mystery section, it’s really not a mystery at all. It’s much more of a suspense thriller type of story. Will Danny be able to refuse Evan’s request? Are they still partners or not? Just how much and what does Danny owe Evan and how many people will the threatened, hurt or killed before it’s all over?

I was impressed with this first novel by Marcus Sakey. I was impressed enough that I’ve added the rest of his books to my TBR list. I’ll be passing this one along to The Hubster to put in his ‘you need to read this’ stack.

Yes, in some ways is a bit predictable, but it’s a fun thrill ride of a story. It’s fast paced enough that I read it in a couple of days.

Rating 4/5