Honeymoon by James Patterson and Howard Roughan

Genre: Mystery/ Suspense
Publication Date: 2005
Pages: 389
Clear Off Your Shelves
Source: purchased used

This really isn’t much of a mystery about who did the killing. Instead, it’s more of a mystery of whether or not and if so how the killer will get caught.

Nora Sinclair is gorgeous, charming, successful and perhaps a bit of a “Black Widow”. Within the first few pages she’s newly engaged to a wealthy businessman and then takes off for a visit with her equally wealthy husband in Boston. Soon she’s being investigated by the FBI as a result of the tendency of her men to die, and there seems to be a strong chance that the investigator is going to stupidly fall for Nora’s charms. There are a couple of side stories one regarding Nora’s mother and another revolving around a flashdrive with a file of offshore accounts.

This was a typical fast paced quick read from Patterson and one of his many co-authors. This is the first one I’ve read with Howard Roughan as the co-author and I thought it was a fun ride. It was nice that it didn’t have the gruesomeness that some of Patterson’s books can have. There was a combination of predictable Patterson formula, but enough twists to keep the action going. .

Patterson tends to be a publishing operation that you either like or hate. I’m on the like side. Not the kind of book I’d want a steady diet of, but nice for a palate cleanser here and there.

Rating 3/5