Club Dead by Charlaine Harris
Genre: Mystery / Vampire / Romance
Series: #3 in the Sookie Stackhouse series
Publication Date: 2003
Pages: 292
Sookie Stackhouse Reading Challenge #3, Clear Off Your Shelves
Source: purchased new

I’m enjoying this series a lot and I’m glad to have this challenge to encourage me to read it.

As with any series, it’s hard to write any sort of plot summary without giving away stuff that happened in the earlier books. So, if you haven’t read the first two you might want to skip the next paragraph, just to be safe.

Sookie’s vampire boyfriend, Bill is missing. He was acting a bit mysterious (well OK – more mysterious than normal) before he left town, but when Bill’s boss, Eric tells Sookie that Bill’s been kidnapped she’s stunned. Then when he tells her Bill’s been unfaithful to her, she’s angry as well as stunned. Finally Eric says he’s sending Sookie to investigate Bill’s kidnapping and she’s angry, stunned, but feeling obligated. Her mission is to go to Mississippi with an attractive and sexy werewolf who has a crazy ex-girlfriend. They are to visit a Vampire night club to use Sookie’s telepathic talents to find out if any of the humans there know anything about Bill’s whereabouts.

Yes, it sounds complicated, but life is just naturally complicated when your boyfriend is a vampire.

Sookie is feisty and I love it when she gets angry at her vampire ‘friends’. These are sexy, fun, slightly icky at times but not really grossly gory books. Once again Sookie finds herself in dangerous situations by just trying to do the right thing. The series continues to build on the culture of the vampires and other supernatural creatures.

I kind of missed Sam not being in this one so much, but dangit – I love Bubba!!

Rating 4/5