Genre: Mystery / Vampire
Series: #1 in the Sookie Stackhouse series
Publication Date: 2001
Pages: 292
Sookie Stackhouse Reading Challenge #1

I was pretty sure I would enjoy this book and I did. I’ve had enough friends whose reading tastes I share say they thought these books were just fun, that I had already decided I wanted to read the series (or at least start it). I have to thank BethFishReads for giving me a bit of a kick in the tush to actually pick up the first and get on with it, though.

When she started the Sookie Stackhouse reading challenge to read all 9 books in the series between now and the end of next June, I just had to join in. I may not read them all, but knowing I can space them out and not read back to back will help. I have a hard time reading too many of a series too close together.

Now that I’ve finished the first book I’m so very glad I did. It’s got a little bit of mystery, a little bit of romance, a little bit of vampires (and other ‘disabilities’ as Sookie describes her mindreading ablitty/curse) and also a little bit of southern charm.

Sookie is a small town bar waitress who would just love to meet an actual vampire now that they’ve ‘come out of the coffin’ and started co-existing with humans. Then, this vampire walks into her bar and well, things get complicated and quickly. Bill and Sookie seem to connect right away, but there’s that whole ‘he’s a vampire’ complication. Then, single young women in town start getting killed and that’s just the beginning of the further complications.

It’s just an intriguing and fun combination and I had a great time reading this book. Hope the rest of the series is just as fun.

Rating: 4/5