Genre: Regency Romance
Publication Date: 1970
Pages: 255
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I’ve seen reviews of Georgette Heyer’s books on many blogs over the past couple of years. Although she was quite a prolific author (writing over 50 novels between 1921 and her death in 1974), I hadn’t read any of her books. The majority of her books are historical romances set in Regency England. I knew from the reviews I’d read that her books contain a lot of wit and humor, so I decided to give this one a try.

Charity Girl is actually one of her later books. In it, the young Viscount Desford finds his chivalry causing complications.

When he finds young Charity Steane running away from her aunt’s house, Viscount Desford feels obligated to help her avoid returning to her life there as a near servant after she was abandoned by her presumed-dead rascal of a father. He has to find a way to preserve not only Charity’s reputation, but his own. He manages to arrange for her to stay with his lifelong friend Henrietta Silverdale while he heads off to find Charity’s grandfather in an attempt to convince him that his granddaughter needs his help. Of course it all turns out good in the end, but you knew that already, didn’t you? It’s not quite as predictable as you think, however.

While I enjoyed this book, it didn’t necessarily turn me into an instant Georgette Heyer fan. It was entertaining enough, but just not one I loved. I’ll probably give one of her earlier books a try next time.

Rating 3/5